Illustration from The Butterfly that stamped by Rudyard Kipling. Polish edition, 1992

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Lot noBI319
FormatOriginal Painting
TechniquePastels, watercolor and ink on paper
DateDec 31, 1991
Certified byCertified by Tomasz Michalowski, President of the board of Siedmiorog — the Polish publishing house that released a book with this illustration.
Dimensions9.65 x 9.84 Inch

Paweł Pawlak is considered by many critics to be one of the most outstanding living illustrators of children's books in Poland and in the world. He was born in 1962 in Wrocław. In 1985 he graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Painting, Graphic Arts and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. He earned his diploma studying under the professorships of two famous painters: Jan Jaromir Aleksiun and Eugene Geta-Stankiewicz. He specializes in illustrations, graphic design, painting, framing, and the occasional storytelling. He authored 11 theater set designs and also a fountain sitting in front of the Wrocław Puppet Theater. He illustrated more than 70 books, collaborating with publishers from Poland ( among others Egmont, Ezop, Muchomor, Media Rodzina, Nasza Księgarnia, Ossolineum, Stentor-Kora, Znak, and Czerwony Konik), France (An Here, Milan, Nathan, and Lito), Great Britain (Siphano Picture Books), Korea (Kyowon), and Canada (Tormont). He worked with children's magazines in Poland (“Miś”, "Pentliczek”, "Papuga”, and “Świerszczyk”) and France (“J'apprends a Lire”, “Moi, je lis”, “Rouzig”, “Toboggan”, “Toupi”, and “Pomme d'Api”). He presented his works at several individual exhibitions in Poland and throughout the world, for which he won the following awards:  

1991 ‒ First prize at the 9th Bienniale of Children's Art in Poznań.  

1996 ‒ First prize in the competition for the logo of the city of Wroclaw.

1998 ‒ First prize in the competition for the logo of the Wrocław television network.

1998 ‒ Children's Audience Award in the Children's Book Design competition in Hasselt, Belgium.

2000 ‒ Jury Prize, Contemporary Polish Book Art, Warsaw.

2001 ‒ Distinction in the PTWK contest for “The Most Beautiful Books of 2000”, Warsaw.

2003 ‒ Ministry of Education Award, Bangkok, Thailand.

2003 ‒ Children's Jury Prize, Contemporary Polish Book Art, Warsaw.

2003 ‒ 2003 Book of the Year, IBBY Polish Section Award, Warsaw.

2003 ‒ Le prix de jeunes lecteurs, Pecq, France.

2004 ‒ Distinction in the Children's Bestseller of 2004 competition.

2005 ‒ Distinction in the “2005 Book of the Year” by the Raczynski Library in Poznań.

2005 ‒ “Golden Apple”, 2005 BIB (Biennale of Illustrations Bratislava), Bratislava.

2005 ‒ Special Award at the Polish IBBY Section, Warsaw.

2006 ‒ On the list of "1006 White Ravens", Internationale Jugendbibliotek, Munich.

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