The Mystery of the Deadly Double

Illustration from The Mystery of the Deadly Double (The Three Investigators series) by Robert Jay Arthur Jr. and Alfred Hitchcock Book cover of the Polish edition

Author: Arthur Lobus
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Poetic back to the seventies
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Lot noBC19
FormatOriginal painting
TechniqueWatercolor on paper
DateDec 31, 1997
Certified byCertified by Tomasz Michalowski, President of the board of Siedmiorog — the Polish publishing house that released a book with this illustration.
Dimensions11.65 x 8.27 Inch
Arthur Lobus was born on March 25, 1973, in Leignitz, Poland. Already in early childhood, his incredible artistic talent began to manifest itself. As a teenager, while pursuing his first artistic training at an art school in Wroclaw, he came to prominence as an illustrator of fanzines and comic strips. During and after his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Arthur Lobus worked as an illustrator in the most prestigious publishing houses in Poland and Germany. He illustrated dozens of books for children, including some illustrated albums and encyclopedias, he created more than a hundred book covers and even illustrations for Tarot cards. The striking realism of his watercolors and gouaches, and the brilliant stroke of his brush reveal with incomparable lightness the details of objects and the essentials of their movement; the touch of poetry and the mystery that emerges from his compositions have quickly made Arthur Lobus one of the most popular and best-paid illustrators in Central Europe. Alongside his career as an illustrator, he has also been involved in other forms of pictorial expression, including painting. Being a great nature lover, he often chooses landscapes, animal painting and, above all, portraits as the main themes in his watercolors and oils. His talent for penetrating the human soul and depicting its movements under the guise of his models has earned him an international recognition. For the past ten years, Arthur Lobus has been living in the countryside, in an old farmhouse that he and his faithful companion and muse, Anna Zyndwalewicz, once transformed into an artist's studio. They raise many animals — including a dozen horses saved from slaughterhouses — and care for them with love. These animals have often served as models and are found in many books illustrated by Arthur Lobus, one example being an encyclopedia of animals, a classic published in several countries, including the United States.
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