Typist Parrot

Illustration from The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting Polish Edition

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Sense of humor and warmth of Dr. Dolittle

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Lot noBI12
FormatOriginal painting
TechniqueBlack ink on paper
DateDec 31, 1992
Certified byCertified by Tomasz Michalowski, President of the board of Siedmiorog — the Polish publishing house that released a book with this illustration.
Dimensions13.07 x 9.17 Inch
Jacek Skrzydlewski was born on January 4, 1956, in Poznan, Poland. After studying drawing at the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw, he became an illustrator of well-known cartoons and youth books. In the late 1970s he collaborated with comic book magazines and signed several albums with the most famous comic book scriptwriters. At the same time, he produced illustrations and book covers for magazines and prestigious children publishing houses in Poland and Germany. His works were displayed in several exhibitions, including the Lira Club in Warsaw, Poland (1986); the International Drawing Festival in Sierre, Switzerland (1988); the MPK Ochota Gallery in Warsaw, Poland (1989); the Castro Rauxel Gallery, Germany (1989). The 90s marked a real turning point in the life of the artist. After years living in apartment buildings — first in Poznan, then in Warsaw — and just before turning 40, he moves to the wildest area of ​​Poland, close to the Russian border (Kaliningrad). There, lost in the woods, he now lives with his wife in an isolated house from where he continues his work as a children's book illustrator, cartoonist and scriptwriter.
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