Young Girl and a Crocodile

Illustration from Fly River's Gift by Maria Krüger. Original Polish Title: Dar rzeki Fly. Book cover

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Lot noBC51
FormatOriginal painting
TechniqueTempera on paper
DateDec 31, 1995
Certified byCertified by Tomasz Michalowski, President of the board of Siedmiorog — the Polish publishing house that released a book with this illustration.
Dimensions9.84 x 6.81 Inch
Jarosław Żukowski was born in 1973 in the tiny town of Hajnowka, Poland, on the edge of the Bialowieza Forest — the last primeval forest in Europe where the last bisons live freely in Europe. Despite his fragile health, the extraordinary talent opened the way for the young artist from the province to a great career. Jarosław Żukowski graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw and soon commenced cooperation with the most prestigious children's books publishers in Poland. His illustrations are characterized by a style, cheerfulness, wit, a remarkable color sensation and magnetizing mysteriousness, all attributes that are extremely close to a child's sensitivity. Such poetry and beauty indeed captivate both readers and publishers. Jarosław Żukowski receives international orders for the graphic designs of the most popular books for children and teenagers, including American ones. He has won several prestigious awards. However, he does not feel at ease in social settings. He is too sensitive for life in big cities which are known to foment competition, jealousy, and intrigue. At the height of fame, in 2005, he returned to his hometown, to the simple life he had always dreamed of. However, the drama of love and family had exposed his artistic sensitivity and health to a great test. Following a depression that saw him admitted to a hospital for a year, he was not able to get back to full creative work before many years had gone by. Today he draws beautiful illustrations again, especially for the audience who has always been the closest to him: the youngest of readers.
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