About us

Amberoad fulfills two missions. The first is the sale of unique, original book illustrations.

These are real works of art, created by various artists using different techniques and appraised—much like paintings―according to their beauty, the attractiveness of the subject, the size, the technique used, and, of course, the artist's popularity. Since the late 1990s, children's book illustrators have been working increasingly on computers, giving up paper or canvas; for this reason, as original book illustrations become more and more rare, their value naturally rises. The originals we sell today have a unique value that will surely grow over the years to come.

Amberoad's second mission is to promote the sale of reproductions of its exceptional illustrations for children. Unlike originals the purpose of a reproduction is purely decorative, and to answer such a commercial need, we offer two alternatives: Mass replicas at affordable prices, intended for the decoration of rooms or venues, or reproductions in series limited to 30 or 50 copies, each of which are signed by the artist.The latter offer was created for budding art collectors.

European children's artwork is different from its American counterpart. There are no big-time graphic studios in Europe comparable to Walt Disney or Warner Bros, which bring together the most talented artists to work on complex graphic projects. In Europe, every artist works independently and strives to create his own unique style. International graphic competitions, much like the Italian one in Bologna, have been promoting original works, introducing always something new into the art of illustration―hence the great diversity and artistic character of the illustrations on sale.

We believe that our offer will be of interest not only to parents who want to make a valuable and lasting gift to their children, but also people and businesses that provide services and products to children. Can you imagine a more beautiful baby room than one embellished with an original book illustration? Can you imagine a richer selection of pictures to decorate a children's library, or a hall or office of a company that produces toys or organizes events for children?

Illustrations that will decorate your family home or professional space require special attention. For this reason our art gallery attaches great importance to conservation and shipping practices. We offer guidance to our clients on how to frame the illustrations―both practical and artistic advice―by way of our videos and interviews to be found on our website and posts. Whether by telephone or e-mail our customer service can happily help you make an informed choice of illustrations, or suggest how to frame or even where to hang them.

Amberoad was created in 2017 as a brainchild of an American children books' publisher (Tom eMusic), a Polish publisher/art gallery owner (Siedmioróg) specialized in children's illustrations, and English (Nanook Books) and French-Canadian (Rose de la Fontaine) publishers.