Amberoad is a joint venture of North American and Polish publishers.

Thanks to a cooperation with Central European artists, Amberoad offers very competitive prices for all types of B2B graphic art services; namely:

  1. The sale of licenses for the use of illustrations and images
  2. Illustrations, images and portraits on commission

 Ad. 1. Sales of licenses

Amberoad owns licenses for several thousand illustrations, mostly for children's books.

We have exclusive rights to most of the illustrations displayed on our Art Gallery page as well as the illustrations contained in the books we sell.

But our resources are much greater — we treasure endless collections of illustrations to which we have licensing rights.

Amberoad also provides intermediary services between US licensees and illustrators of children's books and/or painters from Central Europe.

Ad. 2. Commissioning Illustrations

Amberoad takes orders to create new illustrations for children's publications by the dozens of illustrators we represent.

Ad. 3. Commissioning Images

Amberoad works with prestigious painters in Central Europe and accepts orders to make images on any subject and in any style and to make copies of existing images.

Depending on the order and its requirements, Amberoad will present works by artists matching customers’ highest expectations.

Ad. 4. Commissioning Portraits 

Amberoad accepts orders for portraiture by prominent Central European portraitists we represent.

 If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us by email: contact@amberoad.com or otherwise, by telephone: +1 917 200 9273..